The Walkabout & Gender

I need to make changes to my dormant publishing company’s website and, in the process, I read my “About” copy today:

Located in Charlotte, NC, Walkabout Press publishes nonfiction and fiction books and web content for an active, intelligent, and curious readership. Publisher Malcolm W. Campbell named the company after the Australian Aboriginal custom of walkabout, whereby an Aborigine disappears into the bush to follow his heart and walk for weeks or months on end without a destination in mind. The Aborigine follows “songlines,” or directions embedded in the earth that only he can see. The journey, of course, is one of self-discovery and of living fully in the present. Walkabout Press strives to publish books and Web content that encourage people to take walkabouts from their busy lives-through travel, sports, or reading engaging works of fiction.

I understand why I wrote what I did then, eight years ago. Would I write this same “About” copy today about a company with the same mission? No. Why? The gender pronoun use.

I have no argument with either side of this debate. Do what works for you in your writing. I’m just intrigued by the way language changes during time, and how I’m sometimes willing to change with it.


About Malcolm W Campbell

Father. Husband. Writer. Teacher. Outdoorsperson. And something else... Forgetful?
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