The composition of this composition

I’m rolling out more blog posts in the past week than in the past months. Whycome? A few possible reasons:

  • The tug of the need to express myself and be understood.
  • The beauty of brevity: sometimes, not much need be said.
  • The pull of publishing: seeing my photographs on the web = pretty cool.
  • The ‘forgiveness of the form.’ I can be sloppy. I mean, I shouldn’t…but I get excited when I type and there are typos, missing words, incomplete thoughts. I make up for these glaring errors by correcting them every time a reader tells me about another one. Many thanks to you all. But I digress. I can be sloppy because my posts can be edited into perpetuity until, eventually, there’s no more sail to pull in. The sentences are taut.


    The composition of this composition, aka post.

I plan to post many more, shooting for one a day give or take. Look for stories about teaching, students (anonymously, when they give their permission), posts about great classic music, comedy, and television shows that folks my age — 50 — will more than likely remember. Generally speaking. To a point, I suppose.

Anyway, tune in to Calls to Adventure once a day or once a week. We’ll be here. How can I make such a bold prediction? I just put down $99 for an advertising-free experience for viewers for a year. Nothing motivates a Scotsman to get his money’s worth than, well, getting his money’s worth.



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Father. Husband. Writer. Teacher. Outdoorsperson. And something else... Forgetful?
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2 Responses to The composition of this composition

  1. Lauren Campbell says:

    I like it!

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