Fathers and Sons

A picture of my father, George, and son, Elliott. So: a picture of Elliott with his grandfather. Dad is slowly slipping away at 77. But this is actually a picture that represents all that’s right in my world. Dad is changing — everything changes, yes? — and Elliott and McLean and William are there to help, ever-patient with him, even as he asks of them the same questions over again. They intuit my quiet sense of loss and disorientation and ask how I’m doing and if they can do anything to help, if I’m honest enough to admit I’m hurting. I’m filled with gratitude for what I learned from my father and what I can model at home.

My Father, My Son

About Malcolm W Campbell

Father. Husband. Writer. Teacher. Outdoorsperson. And something else... Forgetful?
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10 Responses to Fathers and Sons

  1. bobbiecampbell says:

    made me teary . . . it’s so true and beautiful

  2. Parker Griffin says:

    Wonderful Malcolm very sweet!!!

  3. Tillie says:

    Any time I think of George Campbell,,my heart fills with love and my mind with respect. A better man I have not known. He was an anchor for me in my early days with The Educatinal Center. I could count on his passion, his faithfulness and commitment. He never gave up. I remain grateful. Thank you, Malcolm for sharing the sadness in your progressive loss. You have connected with my sadness.

  4. chaz seale says:

    Beautiful to read

  5. Deborah Hempel says:

    Sometimes the inevitable is not kind. But, we can find some kindness and grace in the inevitable. With love, Aunt Debbie

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