The AT Series — Meet “New Knees”

Gosh. Keeping a blog on this section of the AT is proving too difficult, so I’ll post on Instagram as @ncwalker01 and Malcolm W Campbell on Facebook. I’m recording stories and look forward to sharing them.

One quick one: AT hikers adopt a trail name. At the first campsite on Monday night, Gunn Slinger camped nearby and told me that I should adopt one.

I wasn’t keen on a new name for a week; however, Gunn Slinger enjoyed his name, so I gave it a try.

With two knee replacements and this being my first long-distance hike, “new” worked, as have my metal joints. So, thanks Gunn Slinger, I’m now anonymous, simply New Knees when I arrive at a campsite.

More on Gunn Slinger in another post. He’s a former professional cyclist: Curtis Gunn. Google him and then think of my trying to keep up. (It ain’t happening.)

So, off I go onto Instagram and FB for posts as I can and a return to the blog when I’m home…37 miles later.

See you around the bend, New Knees

About Malcolm W Campbell

Father. Husband. Writer. Teacher. Outdoorsperson. And something else... Forgetful?
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3 Responses to The AT Series — Meet “New Knees”

  1. New Knees could be assumed to be a sad name. On the other hand, could be positive. How are they doing? Hopefully, they will bend and continue to do so. Love to you. Jewel

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